James HollanHello everybody, my name is Andy. I'm a 34 year old struggling artist / web designer living in Wister, Oklahoma. I grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas where I graduated from North Side High School in 1998 - GO GRIZZLIES!

I've been able to draw for as long as I can remember. I started out drawing robots like the ones in Star Wars, then I learned how to draw super heroes like Batman & Superman. When I was 14 years old, I created my own super here-style characters. When I got into high school, I learned about 'anime' - Japanese animation - and realized that I had seen a few anime shows when I was a kid. It inspired me to change my super hero-like characters into normal people who are thrust into extraordinary situations.

To me, super heroes are characters like Batman, Superman, X-Men, & Spiderman. They all have secret identities, wear tights, and stuff like that, but from what I've seen, most characters in anime & manga - Japanese comics - don't have secret identities and all that stuff. Characters in anime shows like s-CRY-ed or DragonBall Z don't really care if people know who they are.

Anyway, the first anime that I ever saw was when I was still in elementary school. I was standing in the middle of the living room, about 3 feet from the TV using the remote to change channels while my mom was in the kitchen and my dad was at work. I came across an HBO channel that was showing an anime movie that I wouldn't know the name of until many years later, but when I saw that show, I caught it right in the middle and I stood in front of the TV until the show went off. It turns out that the show was Vampire Hunter D.

A few years later, in my sophomore year in high school, I got my second taste of anime when I tuned in to Cartoon Network as they were showing Blue Submarine No. 6, and in my senior year, I got hooked on DragonBall Z right from the first episode. One week later, I could draw Piccolo from memory.

Along with creating my own web sites, I've also been trying to teach myself a few other things. Since I'm a huge fan of anime & manga, I've been trying to teach myself how to speak & read Japanese, but that's not going so well since I don't know anyone else that lives near me that can speak it or read it with me.

Another thing that I've been trying to do is to teach myself how to make computer games. I had 3D Studio Max 9 on my old computer, but it crashed and I don't have the disc for 3D Studio Max 9 anymore, so I can't install it on any other computer's that I get my hands on. I do have Game Maker, Open FX, & MilkShape 3D, though. Once I do learn how to make games, I'll try to host them on here & on That Social Network.

I have this idea of what I consider to be the perfect game. One that sort-of combines the game-play and scale of GTA with the deep creative capabilities of The Sims along with the Sims abilities to get jobs, have children, and so on.

In 1999, my parents, brothers, & I moved to Wister, Oklahoma and in 2000 I attended school at Kiamichi Vo. Tech. for 2 years learning how to make web sites.

My teacher - Mrs. Morgan - started us off on HomeSite, then we moved up to Macromedia Dreamweaver. However, I found it hard to pay attention to Dreamweaver when we also began learning Macromedia Flash. Because of that, my knowledge of Macromedia Flash grew more than my knowledge of Dreamweaver, so my web design skills were never incredibly good. Though, as you can see, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 - with it's Spry assets - has helped a lot!

After those 2 years were up, my parents sent me to OSU - Oklahoma State University - where I stayed for only 1 year studying Graphic Design. I only went 1 year because when I was getting ready to go, I wanted to get into Multimedia - animation, music, movies, etc. - but I was told that it's easier to get into Graphic Design. So my plan was to get into Graphic Design, then to transfer over to Multimedia, but by that time I believe my GPA was too low. I had also taken out 2 student loans and thought that I wouldn't be able to go back for the next year if I hadn't paid them off first.

I have since been trying to earn money so that I can pay off those student loans so that I can go back to college and do what I should have done the first time - try to get into Multimedia.