Welcome to my web site. With this web site., I'm taking commissions! That means that if you like what you see here, you can contact me with either an idea for a web site. or a drawing and I will get back to you. This way we can discuss what kind of drawing or web site. you want me to do for you.

To get started, just follow the links to the left and at the bottom. The images that I've put up are not my own. I drew them, yes, but they belong to anime shows & manga books.

Note: I do not claim to own those characters. They are copy written to their respective owners.

When it comes to drawings, I can't do any with ink because I don't have any fountain pens - they're expensive - so if you don't mind the ink from ballpoint or felt tipped pens, then I can do those, but I don't prefer it. I actually like to leave my own drawings in black & white with little to no ink.

Pricing will vary depending on what kind of drawings you want along with the size of the paper, the kind of paper, & the kind of pencil / pen you want me to use. For instance, a portrait will cost a few dollars more than an original design and a picture on a normal sized piece of art paper will cost a few dollars less than a picture on a large piece of art paper.

Note: I don't draw any nudity, so please don't ask.

Same goes for web sites. Pricing will vary based on what type of web site. you want, be it a personal web site. / blog (like this one), a video site (like Youtube or tOut) or a social networking site (like Facebook or MySpace). However, as of right now, I can only build personal web sites. because I don't yet have the knowledge to build search engines, chat rooms, app's, video sites, or social networking sites.

I also have a little side-project going on called "Get A Job Making Games" - a long title, I know, but what are ya gonna do? It's a web site that I've put together after having gathered some knowledge from an old issue of NextGen magazine and a much more recent issue of Nintendo Power. About 12 years ago, a magazine called NextGen ran an article detailing the process of starting a few different types of companies and getting your game noticed by publishers at various game festivals. In 2011, Nintendo Power ran an article that practically goes hand-in-hand with what NextGen said. NP's article tell's how to gain the knowledge to make your game and that even games like Wario World DYI for Nintendo DS can teach you a little bit about the development process as those types of games allow you to design a stage, then send it to your friends to have them try it out. I've also provided images of some of the best games and info on the companies making those games.

If you like what you see in the galleries, but don't wish to have me do a drawing or web site. for you, feel free to leave a comment or even donate to help me make better stuff.

My other web sites include The Anime Mafia, That Social Network and a fan-site known as Cowboys & Outlaws. Feel free to check those out to get a sense of the quality of web sites that I can do.

Note: The videos in the "video gallery" doen't seem to be working. It could be that my web host - - doesn't support any video formats, so I may end up just embeding videos from my youtube account.